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  • Dishaa Malhotra

Service Management Beyond IT

At this time when The Customer is the key to any business, it has become paramount and crystal clear that having great customer experience and service goes a long way for the business in general. In the past, the customer experience has been majorly on the products that a company has to offer. However, in recent times, the shift is on the overall experience the customer has with not only the product, but the services that are offered. Customers tend to buy those products that offer them great service too.

To deliver high standard customer experience in the consumer-driven economy, the employees must be full participants in the process. Hence, they become the customers of the internal services offered like on-board employee to approving vendor contracts or may be using HRMS solution. So, when their experience suffers, the end customer experience suffers too.

Our MD, Tejpal Singh, talks about the Enterprise Service Management and its adoption beyond IT Indusrtry in the article published in BizzTalk World E-Magazine.

Published: BizTalk World E-Magazine Dec-2021

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