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DESIGN+MORE | Branding, UI / UX, Web & Mobile Application | Business Associate | STAD Enterprises

Manish Chadha, a strategist & designer with a very broad spectrum of knowledge & experience founded DESIGN+MORE.

​Over the years, DESIGN+MORE has worked with the industry leaders, helping them bring to the market meaningful design and products. With an interdisciplinary team of designers, strategists & technicians, DESIGN+MORE delivers connected experiences that span multiple technologies, platforms, and media.

​DESIGN+MORE works across a broad spectrum of industries, including consumer electronics, energy, media, telecommunications, healthcare, automotive, entertainment, education, finance, retail, real estate, advertising, fashion and manufacturing.

DESIGN+MORE is our business associate covering all the design needs. Be it branding, UI/UX or graphics for social media, DESIGN+MORE has always delivered par excellence.