The Data Science Group has the capability to perform historical analysis for past data using statistical tools, as well as make predictions for the future using machine learning techniques. 


We can build machine learning models using a host of algorithms for: 

  • Tabular data

    • Recommender systems

    • Regression (predicting real number values)

    • Classification (predicting the class of the item of interest)

    • Time series forecasting using classical as well as machine learning methods 


  • Computer vision models such as for

    • Facial recognition 

    • Handwriting recognition 


  • Natural Language Processing 

    • Sentiment analysis – English at the moment 

We have expertise in both supervised and unsupervised learning, and are well versed with different kinds of neural networks (like Feedforward, convolutional, recurrent etc.) for deep learning. 

Technology Stack


  • Python 3.x with Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib

  • Tensorflow, Keras for Neural Networks

  • OpenCV for Computer Vision

  • Amazon services such as Amazon Personalize, Rekognition

  • Being added soon – Google Cloud, IBM Watson

Industies / Domains

Information Technology, Retail, Distribution, E-commerce

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