IoT Capabilities

Our capabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) has been to connect hybrid devices over different communication environments – PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN. To improve the performance of the system, we build solutions with edge computing. To get a consolidated real-time info, the rightful IoT Platforms are put to use.

Technology Stack:

nodeRED, IBM Cloud, Edge Computing and analytics, AWS, MQTT, REST, NodeJs, MongoDB

Automation and Robotics Capabilities
Basis of Processor based control systems, Signal analysis and function generation. Microcontroller and FPGA programming.


Technology Stack
PIC 16F84, Raspberry Pi, ATMEL AVR, Z-80, GBZ- 80, INTEL 8086, Core C, ASM, Arduino, ESP 8266, .NET Compact Framework (ARM/SH3), Android NDA

Industies / Domains

Retail, Manufacturing, Hotel, 

BlockChain Capabilities 

BlockChain has brought a revolution in the IT industry for data security and redundancy. At STAD Enterprises, we have been successfully helping our clients implement this technology.


From vanilla blockchain like cryptocurrency, we have been working towards Smart Contracts implementation of Blockchain using Hyper Ledger and its flavours of frameworks

Integration with different cloud platforms to provide a holistic solution where convergence of Blockchain and IoT is involved


Technology Stack

HyperLedger SawTooth, HyperLedger Fabric, Corda, Ethereum

Industries / Domains

Insurance, Finance, Supply Chain

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