The AR/VR team has the expertise in Gaming Graphics with AI with details as: 

  • Fundamentals and architecture of 3-D systems

  • Realtime gaming systems including AI for autonomous agents, FSM, Goal Oriented Action 

  • Planning Systems and Decision trees. Creation and usage of component systems in games. DLC packaging. Artificial intelligence algorithms and data structure. Audio and Video compressions for Gaming.

Technology Stack


DirectX 9.0c, OpenGL (GLUT32, freeglut, GLFW GLEW), Vulkan, GLSL, HLSL, Ogre3D, Unity 3D, UDK, Crytek, ShaderLab, App Game Kit (AGK), WebGL, Three.js,, Occulus Rift SDK, DK1 and DK2, Samsung GEAR, Vulkan SDK, Lunar SDK, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Flash MX + AS3, Flash Developer​

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